Bárbara J. Henriques,

(BioISI-FCUL). In 2010 she obtained a Ph.D. in Biochemistry/Structural Biochemistry, at New University of Lisboa (ITQB/UNL). Bárbara's research interests are focused on establishing molecular mechanisms underlying protein misfolding and functional deficiency in the context of rare metabolic disorders, resorting to patient profiling and biochemical and cellular models. This follows international experience obtained during training periods at Aarhus University Hospital (Denmark) and Université Paris Descartes (France), and +18y research experience in rare metabolic diseases. Main scientific contributions translate to establishing the molecular and biochemical basis of therapeutic potential of dietary vitamins, definition of genotype-phenotype relationships, and profiling protein dysfunction in mitochondrial disease. Current research focus is on fatty acid beta oxidation disorders caused by defects on ETF and ETF:QO, and also on leukodystrophies, neurometabolic rare diseases caused by defects in mitochondrial aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases. Bárbara has published +18 articles in international peer-review journals, 4 book chapters, and presented her work in + 50 international meetings. In the last 8Y she raised over 435 kEUR in national competitive calls as PI in 6 research projects, and supervised +20 young researchers, currently 2 PhD and 1 MSc students.