Patrícia Lipari Pinto,

Paediatrician M.D.
Hereditary Metabolic Disease Reference Center, Paediatric Department, Santa Maria’s Hospital - Lisbon North University Hospital Center, EPE, Lisbon, Portugal.
Responsible for metabolic diseases consultation at the out-patient clinic for diagnostic orientation and therapeutic management of hospitalised patients with metabolic diseases
Responsible for expert support in metabolic diseases, upon request, to other pediatric units for suspected diagnosis of inborn errors of metabolism.
Member of the Neonatal Intensive Care Emergency team of the Pediatric Department, Santa Maria’s Hospital.
Orientation and training of paediatric residents and medical students of the Faculty of Medicine, Lisbon University.
Member of the Portuguese Society of Metabolic Diseases (SPDM).
Member of the Working Group on Lysosomal Storage Diseases of the SPDM.
Member of the Training Unit of the Paediatrics Department of CHULN.

Specialised Training in Medical Paediatrics
Inborn Errors of metabolism (6 months), Neuropediatric (6 months), Genetics (3 months), Paediatric Intensive Care (3 months), Neonatal Intensive Care (3 months), Paediatric Gastroenterology (3 months)

Master’s in Medicine At: Lisbon Medical University, Lisbon, Portugal
Master's Degree, with a final course average of 17 out of 20. The final master’s work is titled, “Creatine Carrier Deficit - How far do we investigate the cause of a developmental delay?"

Fellowship in Paediatric Metabolic Department at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children. London, UK.

Fellowship in Pediatric Neurology Department, in Neurometabolic Disorders at Sant Joan de Déu Hospital, with Dr. Àngels García Cazorla, Barcelona-Spain.