Dr. A.G. (Onno) Holleboom MD PhD,

Is an internist registered in Vascular Medicine and Endocrinology, faculty member of the Department of Vascular Medicine and Assistant Professor at Amsterdam UMC. He heads a multidisciplinary outpatient clinic for NAFLD together with hepatology and including clinical trials. Within the NAFLD-NL consortium and supported by the Dutch MLDS gastroenterology and hepatology foundation, his team develops care paths for NAFLD together with LUMC and Radboud MC. Together with prof. Max Nieuwdorp, he runs a research group with 7 PhD candidates focussing on genetic and gut microbial drivers of NAFLD in three cohort studies, as well as more fundamental work on pathways around lipophagy and liver sinusoidal endothelium. He has published 69 peer-reviewed articles, including in Circulation and Cell Metabolism and received various prestigious grants, a.o. from The Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research and the Amsterdam UMC Fellowship.
By applying iPSC-derived hepatocyte models, he has deciphered molecular mechanisms underlying hypocholesterolemia in type 1 congenital disorders of glycosylation (Van den Boogert et al, Circulation et al 2019) and severe steatohepatitis phenotypes in V-ATPase assembly defects (Larsen et al, CMGH 2021).