Eugen Mengel,

Has studied medicine on the Goethe-University, Frankfurt and the Phillipps-University, Marburg in Germany. From 1993 to 2001 he was educated in pediatriacs on the Children´s Hospital, University of Mainz (Germany). Specialized education was performed in pediatric metabolic medicine and hematology. In 1994 he joined the lysosomal storage disorders group named Villa metabolica of Michael Beck with special interests in sphingolipidosis. From 2001 - 2019 he was consultant of pediatric inborn errors of metabolism. In international clinical trials concerning ASMD, Pompe disease, Gaucher disease, LALD, Mannosidosis, NPC and Morquio disease he acted as Principal Investigator.
He is following a German cohort of LSD patients with more than 200 adult and pediatric patients. In 2019 he founded the independent clinical research institute SphinCS performing investigator initiated studies as well as international multicenter Phase 2 – 4 trials with promising IMPs in the field of LSDs including novel blood-brain barrier crossing ERT with fusionproteins. He is an active member of the EWGGD, ESGLD and SSIEM.