Frédéric Vaz, he got his master in chemistry at the University of Utrecht in 1997, specializing in biochemistry. In the Laboratory Genetic Metabolic Diseases in Amsterdam, headed by Professor Wanders, he performed his Ph.D. project and wrote his thesis on carnitine biosynthesis. As a postdoc, research on carnitine biosynthesis continued but the new subject of Barth syndrome got him interested in lipids, especially cardiolipin. During this period he was trained as a clinical  biochemist specializing in inborn error of metabolism. He now is head of the metabolite section of the Laboratory Genetic Metabolic Diseases in Amsterdam, responsible for diagnostics of inborn errors of metabolism as well as the head of the Core facility metabolomics of the AMC. His main goals are the continuing development of advanced lipidomics/metabolomics platforms - including the required bioinformatics- and their application for both research and diagnostic purposes.
Amsterdam UMC, location Academic Medical Center, Department of Clinical Chemistry, Laboratory Genetic Metabolic Disease, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.