Nanda Verhoeven-Duif,

is Head of Laboratory Metabolic Diagnostics in the University Medical Center Utrecht (The Netherlands). Trained in biochemistry at Utrecht University she completed her PhD in the metabolism of phytanic acid en pristanic acid in relation to peroxisomal disorders. She has had leading positions in various associations in the field and currently is board member of United for Metabolic Diseases..

She is full professor and leads 40 people who thrive to improve both fundamental understanding and diagnostics of genetic metabolic diseases. In her laboratory, they integrate diagnostics, innovation, education and research by connecting laboratory specialists, postdocs, PhD students, technicians and master students. This ensures optimal flow of diagnostic findings into research and new knowledge from research into diagnostics and patient care. Using this concept and combining expertises of diagnostic and research groups, she has discovered several genetic metabolic diseases, unravelled their biochemistry and implemented their biomarkers in diagnostic care, thus impacting metabolic patients and their families. Her research group is focussed on diseases of vitamin B6 metabolism, NAD biosynthesis, and the malate aspartate shuttle and use and develop targeted and untargeted metabolomics technology for research and diagnostics.