Prof. Dr. Ronald JA Wanders holds a  Professorship in Clinical Enzymology of Metabolic Diseases at the University of Amsterdam and was Head of the Laboratory Genetic Metabolic Diseases, Academic Medical Center, UMC Amsterdam from 01.01.2003 until his formal retirement on 01.02.2018. He studied Chemistry with Biochemistry as subspecialization, did his PhD at the E.C.Slater Institute for Biochemical Research, Science Faculty, University of Amsterdam under supervision of Prof. Dr. JM Tager, did postdoctoral work at the same Institute and started to work as Postdoc in 1983 in Laborotory Genetic Metabolic Diseases where he has been > 35 students did their PhD under his supervision. He has received numerous awards, gave >250 lectures worldwide and has been Member of a large number of national and international scientific Review Boards and patient organisations. After his formal retirement he continues to work in the Laboratory Genetic Metabllic Diseases as Senior Scientist on a project basis.