16th International SPDM Symposium
12nd – 14th November 2020
Lux Lisboa Park Hotel, Lisbon

“New horizons in Inborn Errors of Metabolism”
Preliminary Programme

Due to the ongoing spread of SARS-CoV-2 the 16th International SPDM Symposium was postponed, we will maintain the scientific program but some information will be updated soon.

Thursday, 12nd November

08:00 Registration Opening
08:45 Symposium Opening - Welcome Address on behalf of the SPDM
Daniel C. Gomes – Symposium Chairperson
  Session I – Crosstalk amongst intracellular organelles
Chairpersons: Isabel Tavares de Almeida, Lisboa, PT / Patrícia Janeiro, Lisboa, PT
09:00 Fatty acid metabolism: intracellular interactions
Ronald J. A. Wanders | Amsterdam, NL
09:25 New perspectives in fatty acid disorders
Ute Spiekerkoetter | Freiburg, DE
09:50 Disorders of complex lipid metabolism
Frédéric M. Vaz | Amsterdam, NL
10:15 A clinical approach to complex lipid disorders
Jean-Marie Saudubray | Paris, FR
10:40 Coffee Break
  Session II – New insights in carbohydrate disorders
Chairpersons: Elisa Leão Teles, Porto, PT / Hugo Rocha, Porto, PT
11:10 Glycogen storage disorders revisited
René Santer | Hamburg, DE
11:35 Update in disorders of galactose metabolism
Estela Rubio-Gozalbo | Maastricht, NL
12:00 Session III - Selected Free Communications
Chairpersons: Ana M. Gaspar, Lisboa, PT / Laura Vilarinho, Porto, PT
13:00 Lunch / Poster walk 
  Session IV – New treatment perspectives
Chaipersons: Domingo González-Lamuño, Santander, ES / Ana Paula Leandro, Lisboa , PT
14:30 Enzyme substitution therapy: Pegvaliase for the treatment of PKU
Ania Muntau | Hamburg, DE
14:55 Expanding the use of substrate reduction therapy: nitisinone for the treatment of alkaptonuria
Lakshminarayan Ranganath | Liverpool, UK
15:20 Future directions in the treatment of lysosomal disorders
Ans van der Ploeg | Rotterdam, NL
15:45 Coffee Break
  Session V - Expanding the concept of neurometabolic disorders 
Chairpersons: Sofia Duarte, Lisboa, PT / João Durães, Coimbra, PT
16:05 Cellular neuroletabolism: a tentative to connect cell biology and metabolism in neurology
Angeles García-Cazorla | Barcelona, ES 
16:30 Neonatal Seizures: Are we there yet?
Barbara Plecko | Graz, AT
 16:55 GOT2 deficiency: a novel malate-aspartate shuttle disease that leads to early-infantile encephalopathy (invited short communication)
Rúben Ramos | NewYork, USA

 17:20 Mitochondrial bioenergetics in neurodegeneration (invited short communication)
Vanessa Morais | Lisboa, PT 
17:35 End of Sessions
17:45 SPDM General Assembly
18:30 SPDM Nutrition Group meeting
19:30 Departure from the conference venue
20:00 Symposium Dinner

Friday, 13rd November 

08:00 Session VI – Selected e-Posters Communications
Chairperson: Teresa Campos, Porto, PT
Chairperson: Margarida Silva, Lisboa, PT
09:00 Session VII – Ageing in Inherited Metabolic Disorders
Chairpersons: Anabela Oliveira, Lisboa, PT / Álvaro Hermida, Santiago de Compostela, ES
09:25 Age related metabolic changes in Inherited Metabolica Disorders
Fanny Mochel | Paris, FR09:25
09:25 Inborn metabolism defects in common neurodegenerative disorders
Leonor Guedes | Lisboa, PT
  Ethical issues in the treatment of elderly patients
Patrício Aguiar | Lisboa, PT
10:15 Coffee Break
10:45 Session VIII – Parallel workshops
  Workshop A - New paradigms in PKU treatment
Chairpersons: Amaya Bélanger-Quintana, Madrid, ES / Paula Leandro, Lisboa, PT / Anabela Oliveira, Lisboa, PT / Júlio Rocha, Lisboa, PT
  Workshop B - Galactosemia treatment: new approaches and evaluation of treatment efficacy
Chairpersons: Estela Rubio-Gozalbo, Maastricht, NL / Rita Jotta, Lisboa, PT / Ana Isabel Coelho, Lisboa, PT
  Workshop C - Fatty acid β-oxidation disorders management
Chairpersons: Ute Spiekerkoetter, Freiburg, DE / Isabel T. Almeida, Lisboa, PT / Patrícia Janeiro, Lisboa, PT
  Workshop D - Glycogen Storage Disorders: from clinical suspicion to treatment and follow up
Chairpersons: René Santer, Hamburg, DE / Hugo Rocha, Porto, PT / Daniel C. Gomes, Lisboa, PT
11:45 Poster Walk / Lunch
13:50 Session IX – Workshops summary
Chairpersons: Luísa Diogo, Coimbra PT / Sílvia Sequeira, Lisbon, PT
  Session X – Expanding treatment targets – what’s for the future of genetic therapy?
Chairpersons: Dulce Quelhas, Porto, PT / Isabel Rivera, Lisbon, PT
14:30 Recent advances in gene transfer therapy to the CNS in lysosomal storage diseases
Nicolina Cristina Sorrentino | Naples, IT
14:55 Remerging therapies in the hereditary porphyrias
Jean-Charles Deybach | Paris, FR
15:20 Emerging therapies for mitochondrial disease
Shamima Rahman | London, UK
15:45 Genetica substrate reduction therapy for mucopolysaccharidosis; Toward a sIRNA-containing nanoparticle targeted to brain cells (SPDM Aguinaldo Cabral Grant)
Francisca Coutinho | Porto, PT
16:00 Coffee Break
16:15 Session XI – Selected free communications
Chairpersons: Paula Garcia, Coimbra, PT / Anabela Bandeira, Porto, PT
17:45 Awards / Closing Remarks
M. Teresa Cardoso – SPDM President
18:00 End of Sessions


SPDM Electoral Assembly