MPS & The 5 Senses Meeting
Cancellation Message

The MPS & the 5 senses meeting was planned to be very interactive, complementing the thematic sessions with several workshops so attendees could have a sense of the Mucopolysaccharidoses manifestations in terms of vision, hearing, taste, smell and touch, in a more holistic and practical view. An experience is worth a thousand words, and the workshops where a way of raising disease awareness and increasing empathy regarding the obstacles that these patients have to overcome daily, with the added moment of hearing their own testimonies in this meeting. With new available therapies, disease knowledge and better management, more patients have longer survival and there will be more cases in adulthood, facing new challenges.

Alas, the objective and dynamics intended for this meeting cannot be translated into a virtual format and thus, it was decided to suspend until the required interaction is possible and integrated into SPDM activities, which will make this event so special.
We leave you an open invitation, until another opportunity!