22nd January
Abstracts submission opening

10th March
Abstracts submission deadline*

 18th March

Notification of Acceptance/Rejection 

 *Deadline for submission will not be extended



  • Only abstracts in the field of inborn errors of metabolism or related areas will be considered.
  • Only electronic submission of abstracts will be accepted, submissions forwarded by e-mail, fax, post or courier will not be accepted.
  • The presenting authors must be registered in the Symposium
  • Abstracts must be written in English
  • Abstract Text body: number of characteres mentioned in each box (including blanc spaces):
    • Introduction - 600 characteres
    • Methods - 300 characteres
    • Results/Case report - 900 characteres
    • Conclusion - 600 characteres
    • References - no limit
    • Acknowledgements - no limit
  • Accepted abstracts can be selected for:
    • E-poster - displayed as Slide Show in plasma screens
  • This year,  are going to use only electronic posters ;
  • The e-posters will be displayed in slideshows in dedicated rooms;
  • Details of the poster can be enlarged to full screen by a mouse click for improved legibility, and then click to return to the whole poster;
  • Please follow the rules below to prepare your e-poster 

The two best  e-poster will be selected and a scholarship will be attributed (€250).



If you need help, please contact:

STAGE 1 – Make a presentation

  • Download from the Symposium site the file “E-POSTER.ppt” which you should use as a template to build up your own e-poster. It contains the suggested letter sizes.
  • Open the file and do what you usually do when you make a PowerPoint presentation.
  • Slide 1 is the title slide which will become your e-poster – change the text boxes with your own data (title, authors and affiliations)
  • Build up your communication on slides 2 – 7 (for example: Introduction or Background – one slide; Methods – one or two slides; Results – two or three slides; Conclusions or Summary – one slide)
  • Save it in your computer in a dedicated directory (ex: wSPDM 2023) and under an appropriate name (E-Posterspdm2023)

STAGE 2 – Turn the presentation into pictures (Windows metafiles)

  • Having completed your basic presentation of slides, you must now save the presentation as Windows metafiles. Choose:
  • Open your E.Posterspdm.ppt
  • Go to “File”
  • “Save as” and under “Save as type” choose “Windows metafile”
  • You will be asked if you want a single slide or all your slides converted to metafile. Choose “Every slide”
  • PowerPoint will then convert all your slides into individual files in a directory you must name (ex: E-Poster SPDM xxxx*). They will be called slide 1.wmf, slide 2.wmf, etc.

xxxx – your last name

STAGE 3 – Working on the first, title slide – create the e-poster

  • With the first slide (title slide) in edit format you must now insert and position the 6 slides (slides 2-7) that are the Windows metafiles you created from the original poster slide. Do this by selecting on the top bar of the screen “Insert”, then:
  • “Picture”
  • “from file”, open the file where you save your e-poster ( E-Poster SPDMxxxx) and then click on the slide to be inserted (ex: slide 2)
  • Click on “insert” (on right side of the screen)
  • The picture will at first completely cover your “title” slide (slide nº1). Resize the inserted picture by clicking on “Format”, next on picture”, then “size” and write 6 in “height” and click on OK. Now place the formatted picture in its right place
  • Then select this picture, click on the “Hyperlink” button, choose “place in this document” on the left panel, and then choose from the bar section “Slide Titles” the option “slide 2”
  • Repeat this process for each of your 6 poster slides, thereby creating an “e-poster”


STAGE 4 – Test

  • NOTE – all the hyperlinks are already done!
  • Thoroughly test each hyperlink to ensure the actions are occurring as they should. In slide show mode, clicking on the sectors of the title slide (which is now the e-poster) should bring up the relevant poster slide full screen. Clicking once on the button POSTER (on the top right side of the poster slide) should take you back to the e-poster.
  • Should you wish to change any of the poster slides, you will need to go back to stage 2 for that slide and reinsert the picture on the poster.
  • Remember, if you cannot read the text on the PC screen (at 100% zoom) it will be illegible on a projected screen.

STAGE 5 – On-line submission

  • Until the 24 hours of 28th of March, please submit your e-poster to the following e-mail address:
  • All the e-posters arrived after this deadline cannot be included in Symposium Platform